SSC CGL 2018 Vs IBPS PO 2018: Which is Better ?

By | March 9, 2018

How to make a Choice Between Banking Jobs and other government Jobs?

If you are aiming to secure a government job in 2018, this question would have definitely crossed your mind that which one amongst SSC CGL 2018 and IBPS Bank PO 2018 is better? Now this question might have a different answer for different people, but in general, if you will list down the pro’s and con’s what you realize is that SSC CGL is the first preference for most of the candidates.

The noted points might not be that bold but for sure have many valid reasons. One aspect to it is your preference in the professional life and which field lures you. So here are the reasons why SSC CGL exam is better than IBPS PO Exam

Although it becomes tough to compare two quantities with NO common factor of comparison (like the case here) still we are making an attempt to do so, for those candidates who wish to have a clear-cut view regarding the two entirely different jobs.

The comparison of SSC CGL 2018 Vs IBPS PO 2018 can be on the basis of –

  • Transfer Pattern
  • Salary/Payscale
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Service Bond.
  • Intake Entrance Exam Pattern

1) Transfer Patterns: As an employee of the bank, Bank PO’s face frequent transfers after a period of time. Which means the employee has to be mentally prepared for its flexible transferable policy of transferable job schedule. In case of SSC, the transfer and posting rate is comparatively low. In Bank PO jobs, you might get posted in a rural area or the best city which might seem unstable to a lot of people.

2) Salary/Payscale: There is not much disparity between the two in terms of the salary between the two, as per the salary is concerned, employees working as Probationary Officer in Bank enjoy with a wide range from 7.5 lakh/annum to 12.5 lakh/annum depending upon the banking organization on the other hand employees working for another organization too enjoys with a wider perspective in terms of salary which varies from designation to designation of the employee working within the govt. organization.

3) Growth Opportunities: In govt organization, you get decent promotions in a good amount of time but that also depends how long you have served in the very organization (on basis of experience) & the quality of service you are providing to the organization, same is valid for Banking employee.

4) Comfort Level: SSC CGL job is preferred and is more suitable for females as they do not have to worry about postings and transfers whereas Bank PO job is not that accommodating in this context as you can be transferred even in a rural area which barely has any facilities, also it is to note that even few govt. jobs do face a regular transferable issue (In case of IPS-Indian police Service)

5. Public Dealing There is an extensive amount of public dealing involved in Bank-PO job. So there is a lot of interaction with the public involved, comparatively, there is lesser public dealing involved in SSC-CGL. This is also another advantage of this job.

6) Bond Amount: There is no such bond signed in the SSC CGL job, while in Bank PO job you have to sign a bond of 2 years(again depends from bank to bank), which also acts as a constraint for many people as if you break the contract you need to pay compensation for that.

Hence, it can be concluded that SSC-CGL-Vs-IBPS-PO jobs  OR Probationary Officers (PO) jobs in Banks & jobs in other govt. an organization has their individual pros & cons besides it also varies from person to person perspective & requirement. You may like our other articles, below-

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