Previous Year SSC CGL August Exam Review and GK Questions

By | January 16, 2018

SSC CGL 2018 Day-1(Shift-1)is over. Here is the Exam Review, Difficulty Level, and Questions asked in the exam. 

SSC CGL 2018 Online Exams have started from Today. The Exams are successfully conducted, at various computerized centers all over the country. It is worth mentioning here that this is the First time, that CGL is conducted through online mode.

Now, the Day 1 of CGL 2018 Exam is over, and everyone here would like to know the Cut off, Difficulty Level and Nature of Questions asked in the exam, even more, curious are those, who have their CGL Exams on 28th, 29th, 30th August and other upcoming days.

Well its really, difficult at this stage to predict the Cut off, as the exam is in the Initial Stages. Moreover, Cut offs will vary too much, as there is CGL Exam on Different Dates and Sessions, and for every session, there is a different Question Paper, which has its own Pattern and Difficulty Level.

In this post, we will share the Complete Analysis of CGL Exam held on 27th August 2018 for two shifts. Not, only the analysis, we will also share the General Awareness Questions, asked in Today’s exam, that, will be extremely useful for those, who have their exams on other dates and for every day of the exam, we will upload the GK Questions with Answers.

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Detailed Review of SSC CGL Exam of August 2018

The First shift of the CGL Exam 2018 (Morning), is over and its time to share the Review of the CGL Exam held in August 2018. Moreover, Today, there is a shift of CGL Exam, in the evening.

Overall, the Difficulty level is Moderate, ie Neither Its Very Easy Nor it’s Very Difficult. If, you have done justice with your preparation, then, this exam has no surprises for yours. 

Here is the Section wise Difficulty level with Good no. of attempts

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IF you are on facebook, then you can engage in live Discussion, as given in the post itself. You can give your Review of Today’s Paper, Difficulty Level and Even share the Questions of the Exam.

General Awareness Questions from 1st Shift

In General Awareness, section, a few Questions from previous paper are asked and most of these Questions comprises of Static GK. 3-4 Questions are asked from the Current Affairs also. 

Overall, the section is somewhat Moderate to Difficult (No Easy). If you attempted, 15 Questions with 90% accuracy, then thumbs up to you. 

Here are Some of the Questions from the General Awareness Section

1) When did Kakori Robbery take place?

2) Siachen Glacier is a dispute between which 2 countries.

3) Who is the First Female Governor of an Indian State?

4) Which among the following Government Bodies accounts are not audited by CAG?

5) Which Desert has high gold reserves?

6) Pollutant, being the biggest source of air pollution in the world?

7) Which component is responsible for acid rain?

8) “A thing of Beauty is Joy forever” is written by?

9) Boiling Point of Water Depends upon?

10) Which among the following state has the highest literacy rate?

  • Punjab
  • Mizoram
  • Maharashtra 
  • Odisha

11) What is Zeolite?

12) What is the minimum no. of members to be present in Parliament to start the proceedings of the house?

13) Name the Process by which Bubbles from Liquid are formed?

14) Where are the Headquarters of FIFA located??

15) Which monument is called Dream of Stones?

16) Boiling Point of Water Depends upon?

Note: We will update this section will more Questions, So kindly bookmark (Control+d) this page, so that, you can open it anytime.

English Section (Pattern of Questions)

Good Attempts: 18 to 22 Questions

English Section is of moderate standard. Here is the Topic wise No. of Questions asked in the CGL Exam from English Section

1) Sentence Improvement : 3 Questions

2) Error Detection: 03 Questions

3) Synonym/Antonym : 04 Questions

4) Idiom/Phrases: 03 Questions

5) Comprehension: 05 Question

Quantitative Aptitude

Again, this section is of moderate level. If, you have practiced for 4-5 months, then, you will find this section not much difficult. If you have attempted, 18 to 20 Questions from this section, then you did a good job. 

1) Date Interpretation: 05 Questions 

I had 5 Questions on bar charts and are based on Percentage. 

2) Trigonometry: 1-2 Questions

3) Algebra: 2-4 Questions

4) Geometry: 3-4 Questions

5) Speed, Distance, Time and Work: 3 Questions

6) Profit, Loss, SI, CI: 4-5 Questions


We are continuously updating this page, with Reviews, Pattern of Questions and Exact Questions that have been asked in the CGL Exam of 27th August 2018 (Morning shift).

In our upcoming post, we will share the Reviews and GK Questions, asked in the 2nd Shift of CGL Exam on 27th August and  GK Questions asked in the SSC CGL 28th August 2018 Exam

Have your Appeared On Today’s Exam?

If, you have appeared in Today’s CGL Exam (Morning and Evening) shift, then Kindly share your Review, and Questions asked in the Exam through the Comments section below.

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