Previous Year SSC CGL August GK Questions of Morning and Evening Shifts

By | January 17, 2018

Going to appear for CGL-2017 Exam ? Here is the Complete List of General Awareness Questions asked in the CGL Tier-1 online exam on August, 2017 

By August, 2017, 3 Days and 6 Shifts of CGL-2017 Tier-1 Online exams are over and for every shift of exam, there is a different analysis and Difference in nature of questions asked in the exam. This means, that Cut offs will vary much and as such it will be really difficult to predict, what could be the Safe Marks at the CGL Tier-1 Stage.

Going by the Trend of Last 3 Days, it seems, that anyone who attempted between 70-79 Questions, may be safer side, but things will get more clear, as we get to know the more reviews from SSC CGL-2017 aspirants.

It is worth mentioning here that 35 lakh candidates have registered for the CGL Exams and there is a different paper for each day of exam, so in total there will be more than 21 sessions of CGL Tier-1 Exam.

In our previous posts, we have Shared the Questions asked in CGL Exam on August 2017 and Today in this post, we will be sharing the GK Questions asked in the CGL Exam of August, 2017. It is worth mentioning here that these Questions, will be extremely helpful for those, who have their CGL Exams on August and following Dates in September.

Analysis of CGL Exam of August, 2017

On the third day of Exam, many students have reported slow server speed, ie System takes, more time from fetching the next question.

General Awareness Questions Asked in CGL Exam on August (Morning Shift)

1) Who among the following becomes the First woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ?

Ans : Sucheta Kriplani

2) What is sullage water treatment process known as ?

3) When President of India addresses the joint sitting of Parliament ?

4) Purest Form of Carbon is known as ?

5) Another name of world bank

6) Which product is obtained after sodium bicarbonate is heated strongly ?

7) Why do stars twinkle, but not planets ?

8) Name the Person to get special OSCAR award ?

9) Who is the author of “Playing it my way” ?

10) A Question is asked on “Fundamental Rights” ?

11) What is used to remove the pollutant in Water pollution ?

12) A Question is asked on Budget Deficit ?

13) Which among the following is a parliamentary type of government ?

14) Which among the following is the Executive powers of president ?

15) Dilwara temple is located at ?

16) Who is the present coach of Indian cricket team ?

17) A Question is asked on “Indradanush Scheme” ?


If, you have appeared in the Today’s Exam, then kindly share any other question, you know. 

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