Previous Year GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL August (2nd Shift)

By | January 16, 2018

Looking for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam Questions? Here is the complete List of Questions asked in the CGL Exam of August (Evening Shift)

Day 1 of SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Online Exam is over an Exam is successfully conducted all over the country with Lakhs of candidates appeared at various centers. In our previous post, we have shared the Analysis and GK Questions asked in the CGL Exam of August First Shift

and now, in this post, we will share the General Awareness Questions asked in the 2nd Shift of CGL Tier-1 Exam. It is worth mentioning here that for the First time, exams are being conducted in online mode and changed exam pattern. So, this CGL Exam is a new experience for everyone. Moreover, Security system is made so efficient, that it will be impossible to engage in Malpractices and copying, applicants are not even allowed to carry a pen, pencil erases, wallet etc in the Examination Venue. If you have your CGL Tier-1 Exam in coming Days, then you should read these Updated Instructions for appearing in the SSC CGL 2017 Exam.

If, you have your CGL Tier-1 Exam from September to September 2017, then, we would like to inform you that Admit Cards have been released for these Dates. To know how to obtain Admit Cards, applicants are advised to read our previous post on Downloading SSC CGL Admit Card 2017.

Some applicants who have appeared for CGL Tier-1 Exam on 27th August 2017 have reported that during the Online exam, server speed is somewhat slow. ie It takes time to fetch the Next Question. However, SSC-NWR had informed, that Time taken by the system to proceed to next Question, will not count with the allotted time. i.e. you need not worry and slow server speed will have no impact on the time allotted to you.

Now, we will share the Analysis and Questions asked in the CGL Exam of August 2017 (Evening Shift)


Questions Asked in Evening Shift-2nd of August 2017

General Awareness Questions from CGL 2nd Shift 

1) Name the First Field Marshal of India?

Ans. Sam Manekshaw

2) British Viceroy, assassinated in India?

Ans. Lord Mayo

3) First Indian, to win a medal in RIO Olympics?

Ans. Sakshi Malik

4) Which is the most toxic air pollutant (Among the List)?

5) Which is the Smallest Island country in the Indian Ocean Region?

Ans. The Maldives

6) Is a question asked on the “Purpose of Monetary Policy”?

7) What is the Main Objective of “Fiscal Policy”?

8) Who appoints the Head of Public Accounts Committee (PAC)?

Ans. Speaker of Lok Sabha

9) Who is the Founder of Theosophical Society?

Ans. Helena Blavatsky

10) Which among the following taxes is collected by States?

11) What changes occur at the Boiling point?

12) Why water spreads, when mercury is placed on a glass plate. ?

13) What is  Motor neuron in the brain?

14) Who was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award 2017?

15) Recently boundary of Indian is demarcated with which country?

Note: Keep checking this page, we will update more Questions, asked in the Evening shift of CGL Exam held on August 2017

English Questions Pattern (Evening Shift) August 2017

1) Reading Comprehension / Passage : 5 Questions

2) One Word Substitution: 1 Question

3) Synonym / Antonym : 2 -3 Questions

4) Idiom Phases: 3-4 Questions

5) Spelling Correction: 01 Question

6) Remaining Questions from Sentence Correction etc.

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We will be updating with page soon with more Questions asked in the evening Shift of CGL Tier-1 Exam held in August 2017. and In our upcoming post, we will share the  GK Questions asked in the CGL Exam of 28th August for both Morning and Evening Shifts. 

If, you have appeared for CGL Exams in August 2017 then kindly share your Review (Difficulty Level and Questions Asked) of the exam. It will help other in better understanding the pattern of the exam.

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