Important Science Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2018

By | April 16, 2018

General Science Quiz for SSC CGL 2018 Exam

If you are looking for a stable job or if you are planning to do some reputed job then SSC CGL(For Graduates) and SSC CHSL (For Intermediates)  are the best exams to prepare for. These ones of the best entry level exam in our country and anyone who is a have passed the 12th Class and Graduation can apply for these exams. The difficulty level of the exam if not that high as compared to other UPSC exams but you need to prepare well and study hard as easy question paper mean high cut off. SSC CGL exam questions for the year 2018.

Overview of General Science for SSC CGL 2018

Expect this section to have a weightage of 20-25 marks. General Knowledge section is as important as any other section. You don’t want to keep such high mark weightage at stake. So study this section regularly and properly. Rest we will help you with the quiz and mock test. As we all know Science Question Section is one of the most crucial section from the point of view of any competitive exam and In the year of 2018 if you are going to appear for SSC CGL Exam than you have to visit on this page and read the whole article very carefully. If, you remember, in one of our previous posts, we have also shared a Quiz on General science for SSC CGL Exam.

Solve the following quiz to raise your confidence. No cheating. I am watching. 

Read the following carefully and then choose the option:

Q1. From which of the following does blood absorbs most food nutrients? 

A. large intestine

B. mouth

C. stomach

D. small intestine

Q2. What is the function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor?  

A. Cool down the reactor

B. Increase the speed of neutrons

C. Slow down the speed of neutrons

D. Stop the nuclear reaction

3. What is the reason due to which clouds float in the atmosphere?  

A. temperature

B. density

C. pressure

D. velocity

Q4. What according to to the following statement is a zoom lens?  

A. It is a lens having fixed focal length

B. It is a lens having a variable focal length

C. It is a lens used in radio telescopes

D. None of the above

Q5. Out of the following, which isotope is used to cure cancer? 

A. Cobalt 60

B. Bohs 32

C. The isotope cannot be used

D. None of the above

Q6. Out of the following options which is the largest terrestrial wild animal? 

A. Indian elephant

B. African elephant

C. Giraffe

D. White tiger

Q7.Which colour is very good for a blood pressure patient? 

A. Red

B. Blue

C. Yellow

D. Pink

Q8. What material is used as a chemical for producing sound from a tape? 

A. Potassium Oxide

B. Zinc Oxide

C. Iron Oxide 

D. None of the above

Q9. Which of the following metal is used for a galvanizing process? 

A. Zinc

B. Copper

C. Lead

D. Aluminium

Q10. Which of the following instrument can be used to measure altitudes? 

A. Audiometer

B. Ammeter

C. Anemometer

D. Altimeter

Answer Key

Q. No Answers
1 D
2 C
3 D
4 D
5 A
6 B
7 B
8 C
9 A
10 D

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That’s it for today. Please concentrate on this opportunity because it will take you ahead in life. Study regularly and maintain a routine. Maintain a discipline in life then only you will crack the exam. This is a really good opportunity to grow and have a stable life ahead.

Keep studying and practicing hard.

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