How to Improve General Awareness Section for SSC CGL Exam ?

By | April 2, 2018

Preparing for CGL Exam? Know How to improve your marks in General awareness

You all, know that CGL 2018 is scheduled to be held in the month of August and you also know, that How competitive this Exam and your worries may increase, after knowing the fact, that in 2018, a record No. of 35 Lakh applicants has registered for SSC CGL Exam.  But the Good news is that we have discovered the strategy to overcome competition and score high in CGL Exam. Firstly, it is very important, to have CGL Tier-1 Syllabus and these Books for CGL Tier-1 Exam. as, only after that, we can discuss the Sure shot tips for scoring high in the upcoming CGL Exam. SSC CGL exam Preparation Tips here, read the full article below…

In this post, we will share the Tips and Tricks to Score High in the General Awareness Sections, that has 25% weight-age  (50 Marks ) in overall Marks. Have you ever heard the phrase that, “drops of water merged together can make an ocean come alive”? Similar is the case when you are preparing for the competitive examination. SSC CGL exam related information, checklist of SSC CGL Important books 

It is very important that you pay attention to the very lightest parts of the exam preparation by giving equal attention to every subject. But most importantly you need to give most importance to the most underrated subject general awareness.Today we will discuss the hard and fast rules you need to follow and does and does that you need to keep in mind before you start preparing for the General Awareness section for CGL Exam

As we all know General Awareness Section is one of the most crucial section from the point of view of any competitive exam and In the year of 2018 if you are going to appear for SSC CGL Exam than you have to visit on this page and read the whole article very carefully.

Syllabus of General Awareness:

Here is the Syllabus and Topic wise Distribution of Marks for General Awareness section

S. No



1 Indian history (Marks 6)
2 Indian Polity (Marks 4)
3 Indian Economy (Marks 5)
4 Indian geography and world geography (Marks 3)
5 Economic news (Marks 1-2)
6 Budget and five-year plan Sports event (Marks 3-4)
7 Books and author (Marks 2-3)
8 Award and honor (Marks 2)
9 Science inventions and discoveries (Marks 1-2)
10 Important days International and  national organization (Marks 1-2)
11 Current affairs (Marks 1)
12 Indian history (Marks 2)
13 Indian Polity (Marks 5)

Above marking is approximate and made after reviewing previous year exam papers. please don’t depend on them they are for dummy purpose just to guide you through. 

Do’s and Don’s in General Awareness

1. A student well versed with Syllabus has higher chances to secure high: 

Please remember that you have to clear examination not write a book in the examination. It is very necessary that you concentrate only on the syllabus and buy books which have an entire syllabus. It will help you in covering each topic and chances are you won’t get confused.

2. Each topic matters a lot but reads each and every word as if you are reading it for the last time: 

It is very necessary that when you start preparing and studying for the general awareness section you should read it loud and clearly as if it is a warning. In this way, that question or piece of knowledge will stick in your mind and you will not have to cram it during the examination. 

3. Try to write whatever you read:

It is scientifically proven that if you read, write and listen something the percentage of retaining that information increases by 60%. So next time you see anything that will help you in exam don’t just read it write it too. In this way, your speed and capacity to learn will improvise too.

4. A regular and balanced study is must:

Most pf the student who exceeds and excels in the competitive examinations are those who study regularly bit by bit and devote equal time to every subject. It doesn’t matter that you were studying Reasoning or English for four hours you need to study General Awareness for the next three hours now. Balancing your schedule is really really important.

5. Previous year question paper: 

If you have appeared in any competitive exam you must be quite aware of the importance of the previous year exam papers. They are just like the cherry on the topping of the cake. It is very important that you keep practicing previous year exam papers regularly so as to increase your knowledge par excellence. 

6. The mock test is not at all mock: 

Just like previous year exam papers, another very important aspect to increasing your speed and efficiency is a mock test. Taking a mock test is just equivalent to taking a real test. 

And in the end

7. How to start with a positive vibe to excel

  • First of all, take a deep breath and relax. You are not going to fight a gang war it is just an exam. All you need to do is prepare well and maintain a regular discipline. 
  • Positivity is important in all aspects of life. The syllabus is huge and really vast, but that doesn’t mean that you will lose hope. 
  • Every year students like you clear the same exam but the only difference is their mindset. Work hard and aim towards your goal. Nobody can stop you from achieving what you are aiming for.

Important Books & Study materials- SSC CGL


Books Recommented

Current Affairs/GK/ Newspapers

  • Manorma
  • Arihant Current Affairs 2018
  • Lucent 2018
  • The HINDU/Indian Express

Quantitative Aptitude

  • R.S Aggarwal
  • Quantitative Aptitude – Arihant
  • Quantitative- Disha Publication

Logical Reasoning

  • Logical Analysis- Arihant
  • Logical Analysis-Disha Publication

English Language

  • Words Made Easy-Norman Lewis
  • English Language- Arihant

Computer Awareness

  • Computer Test- Arihant
  • Computer Analysis- Disha Publication
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